Splash image showing a still from the motion graphics project

the Design Museum

Design | Animation | Competition

Working with the Design Museum in London was an exciting challenge. I was ready to tackle the brief and produce something worthwhile. Working alongside my group, I received enough feedback to start working out prototypes.

The brief we were given was to create an installation, celebrating the Beazley designs of the year awards. It was a competition in which designers were separated into groups to produce a final outcome with a short turnaround.

My team was selected to pitch to the design museum's assistant curator and was awarded second place out of twenty-three other teams.

The video below is part of the presentation that was used to showcase our idea. I animated and rendered a short animation within two days. I also had a full 3D environment which I had already created with the visual concept of our final outcome.

Design Process

The visuals displayed below are parts of our journey, including photographs, renders and animations describing our ideas.

Illustrations and concept drawings provided by Isobel Fiske.

Final Concept

On the left is a sketch of what we all agreed our final outcome would look like. It represents an abstract design of the ideation process and how it all collectively meets at the end to produce a final result.

Now the challenge was to move on from the sketch and realise it in a 3D environment. That was my task.

3D Visualisation