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The beginning

Initially, I started my project in a much different direction. I wanted to do a music video, based on a song by a popular artist - Dodie. The song name is "I have a hole in my tooth (And my dentists are shut)". The song is a quirky, fun and lighthearted. It's about the struggle of the dentist being shut, about luck and how the author hasn't had "much of that [luck] in my life before".

I tried contacting Dodie directly, both through her official email, and her official Facebook profile. Unfortunately, I didn't get a response and after a week that discouraged me. Another issue that prevented me from progressing further with the concept was that I couldn't find means to visualise the lyrics in an abstract way.

Due to copyright restrictions and my struggle to retell the story, I had to take on another direction.

Moving on

Making progress with a new concept, I needed to do some experimentation before I could make sure something would work. I started off with a short introductory sequence, which featured a speaker - Cave Johnson, in front of a crowd. That was supposed to be the main introduction to the motion graphic. I put crowd sound effects in the background, and for the first 3-4 seconds there would be a moving camera shot that establishes the "location".

Unfortunately, that scene was part of the initial storyboard that got discarded. Despite that, I'm still happy with the outcome as the animation features an unusual perspective shift, along with an unnatural camera movement. That sets the stage for the mysterious animation that is about to be shown.