Splash image showing a still from the motion graphics project

Project Evaluation

I feel that my strengths as a motion graphic designer were amplified by the freedom of our brief. Having had previous experience with motion graphics, I felt confident with the technical side of the project. However, the challenge that arose was to create a narrative for the viewer to follow, which is a skill I require to develop further.

Originally I wanted to pair up with a "buddy", though, everyone had already planned their groups in advance, and after one week I took on the task by myself. I found that challenging, as my technical skill shines when in a group as I can share the load of ideation with somebody else. Then I can feel free to focus on creating visuals without distractions.

On reflection with the development of this project was my lacking ability to conceptualize a piece of text. I spent a prolonged amount of time exploring different potential quotes, poems and music videos before I concentrated on a singular idea that drove my project forward. In hindsight, I should've kept looking for other potential scripts, as the text I chose only lead me further down the rabbit-hole of confusion. It was too literal, and the voiceover by JK Simmons was too powerful to be made abstract!

I spent a long while storyboarding as well, however, my storyboards were quickly exchanged by newer ones as I came up with new ideas constantly.

Regardless of all that, I am delighted with the outcome. I managed to explore both digital and analogue media, combining the two with seamless transitions and effects. The final outcome emphasises on the speech, without having much of a side-story within it. It is simply a smorgasbord of effects which are coherent and the viewer is lead through them in an understandable fashion.

A great number of people were pleased with my effects on the interim crit, however, the feedback exposed a significant amount of confusion regarding the meaning behind the special effects. Nevertheless, I also received very good feedback and I tried acting on it, yet I did find I repeated the same problems with the narrative building.

I'm planning to improve my storytelling in the upcoming future. I wish to continue doing motion graphics, and doing this project has helped me realise how much I am behind with my ideation process.