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Behind the scenes

Snippets of video

The final outcome of the brief is a technically complicated animated video with live-action transitions. This included some complex transitions, effects and animations. In addition, there are also powerful visuals which complement the voiceover.

I feel that the video reflects the overall narrative of the quote whilst adding emphasis on the implausibility of it all. I'm satisfied with the final outcome of the video, and the variety of techniques I used throughout.
Tracking, masking and replacing a green screen. Also adding a 3D text to the back wall, masked behind post-it notes.
Showing the depth and camera movement inside the frame. Then tracking the camera from behind, showing all the hidden foliage.
This video is showing the camera movement and effects used to transition between the different "parts" of the animation.


The main inspiration for the animation style and feel came from the James Bond movie opening credits. They are roughly 3-4 minute long sequences, which delves deep into the character's mind, and also give some foreshadowing to the plot of the movie.

I used this snippet from Skyfall (2012) to spark inspiration, first for the burning lemon at the end, and secondly for the transitions and timings throughout the entire video.
burning lemon

Video used only for demonstration purposes. Ownership of Sony Pictures Entertainment.