Splash image showing a still from the motion graphics project

Narrative & Sequence

Motion graphics | Typography | Animation

The brief outline was to create a sequence, which can engage an audience and present ideas. We had a choice of 3 sub-briefs which determined our direction. We could choose between TEXT, LIVE Brief and the Energy Saving Trust. We were also encouraged to work in pairs, however, I decided to work alone. I chose the TEXT brief, which opened up a lot of possibilities and opportunities for me.

The outcome is an energetic and playful video that showcases different animation techniques. Its context is digital advertising across social media.
Storyboard of

Final storyboard

Design Process


Going in-depth with the different storyboards and ideas I took up, so I could finalise the project. There were many iterations and originally the project even had a much different direction.

Behind the scenes

Snippets of animation, showing the production process and techniques used. Additionally some insights into my main inspirations.


Showcasing the initial ideas that lead the project. Then getting a closer look at how my choices moved the outcome forward.

Project Evaluation

Final evaluation of the Motion Graphics project