Splash image showing a still from the motion graphics project

Project Evaluation

Creating a website from scratch is no easy feat. I'm fortunate enough to have had enough experience with HTML/CSS before I set out on the adventure to create my website from a blank document.

Despite being given a template to work with, I decided to go the hard way and start from scratch. This helped me gain full control of the look and feel of the website I created. I'm really happy with how it turned out, despite it still needing a great deal of work made to it.

Currently, I'm at the mid-point of my university degree, and this is a good collection point for me to see my most-valued work displayed in an orderly fashion. I am happy to display my current work for potential future employers to see. I am delighted with my achievement because I managed to code a full website with working navigation links in a very short deadline. I feel if I had more time I would have been able to insert some JavaScript and make the user experience even friendlier.

Currently, the website has 3 basic colours. The dark-blue background, the white text and orange hyperlinks. This way the user doesn't feel lost, and no matter what page he is on, the navigation will always be obvious enough. The navigation buttons next to my name, like the About and Contact sections, are also orange indicating that they are intractable. They also slightly move when hovered over, further signifying their importance as links.

In conclusion, I'm planning to continue working on my website and eventually make it a live website. I have already found a domain name which suits me, and now it's only a matter of time before I make it public!