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My Website

Design | Programming | HTML/CSS

Creating my website took somewhat longer than planned. We were given a "template" to work upon, however, I decided to start mine from scratch. The biggest challenge I had was getting my head around code again.

A few years ago a friend of mine and myself took upon ourselves to create a new website for our school. After a few months of struggling and experimenting with CSS and HTML, we added some JavaScript in the website to make it more "animated". Unfortunately, at the time we didn't realise how much more a website actually needed. We quickly got overwhelmed and the foundation we had built was quickly forgotten. Until now.

That previous experience made me much more confident tackling the challenge. It gave me the confidence needed to disregard our tutor's template and start my own. Admittedly it took a lot longer than I expected, but in the end, it feels a lot more satisfying.
The images above are the templates for almost the entire website. I drew it up in the beginning and I've been working slowly towards it. The template I have created for myself is dynamic and supports a massive grid across the whole page. It involves plugging a style tag in the HTML in order to modify the grid for each separate page.

It delivers flexibility and ease of use, as I can set-up a new page with a fresh grid in less than 5 minutes (as long as I've got the content ready to go).
This is the site-map. It shows how web-pages interact and in the future how they will link to each other. I have a concept of linking all the pages with a set of thumbnails at the bottom on each page that has similar pages to it.

For example, my book - "Book of Fantasies", will have links to the Website (because it's coding and writing), MoDiP (As that's a museum and has more of a physical end to it) and the Design Museum (That's also a museum, however, it involved creating a process book at the end for evaluation). That way people could easily navigate throughout my website.

I haven't had the time to set it up yet, still, I'm sure I'll get it running soon!

Project Evaluation

Final evaluation of my website